Not Enough Space EP

by Ein Astronaut

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This is the first pre-release before the album "I Turn Around And You're On Fire" including non-album tracks only.


released October 16, 2010

All songs written, composed and recorded by Ein Astronaut




Ein Astronaut Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: More
All this time
With trust on my mind
The comfort of leaving it all behind
I know this way
But not today
Can't even remember a word to say

So if I don't give up on trying
And if I don't believe in pain
And if I just don't see a reason
In any of this
Then why can't I forget
When I'm alone
That there used to be more

When things are gone
And never come back
The words you believed in just faded to black
You will turn around
You'll try to reach back
You'll die to get back

Now i know
You can't run away
From all the feelings that beg you to stay
It won't make sense
It won't make sense
It never makes
Track Name: Waiting
Everything is going
Too fast and loud
Don't know what to follow
Don't know where to go
Will I find a reason
Before I'm gone
Hey man what r u lookin' at
Is it right or wrong

It is not going anywhere you've heard
It's not showing anything you've seen
A way
It's just nothing you've seen before
A way
And waiting

The more I'm waiting
The more it's fading

I think
It's going straight through
I can feel it
Track Name: Ordinary Rock Song
We go to different places
To meet all other races

Hey hey!
Where're you goin' now?
Are we ever gonna meet again?

Will I ever see you again?

We hit the outer spaces
We've seen all kinds of blazes

Hey hey!
And if I go back now
Will you still be there to reach a hand?

This is how it should end

This time
We pretend
We've not reached the end

So we've been to different places
To meet more other races
Track Name: All That
If you change back the horizon
You will know the disguises
For all that you're living for.