I Turn Around And You're On Fire

by Ein Astronaut

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Includes all videosongs from the start to August 2010 - plus two bonus tracks not released on youtube!


released May 6, 2011

All songs written, performed and produced by Ein Astronaut




Ein Astronaut Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: The Final
Up this morning
Felt the sun
Wondering where the night has gone
And in my dreams
Where have I been

I was walking
Walking through the dark
Passing empty rooms
Listening to my footsteps
Like echoes from the past
Seem to follow close behind me
Calling my name

If there's anybody else in here
Please could you help me to remember
This moment of my life
Cause it's so far away

Talking to someone
About things I can't recall
Losing my memory
Can see the picture disappear
Track Name: Friday Morning
They're not behind the door
Not there
Under your bed
Or anywhere else

They're coming closer
You better get up
Take your bag
And leave
Down the floor
Through the door
You'd better

Hide and run
Until they're gone

They're coming a long way

Don't turn around
Don't stop
They'll find you
Don't turn around
They're close behind you...
Track Name: Roof
I lost it again
I'm on my own
Enough of this train
I'm going home

I don't feel the same
Is all I know
I tried but in vain
To take it slow

This feels like
Jumping off a roof

Come on take it back
Cause I don't know
I'm deleting this track
But you don't go
Track Name: Turn
In my opinion
And on my mind
You turn it all
When the feeling's small
All in all
All in all
Track Name: Fire
I turn around and
You're on fire
I lost my head on this
I'm not sure if
We are wired
If it's too late
To forget what's been

Every day
Running circles
Trying to find
The point to jump off
You're behind
Coming closer
Like steps on stone
Like steps on stone

Empty speaches
I just feel less
Getting older
Things get colder
Time runs faster
Mind desaster

Feels like I lost what I've been
Feels like I'm lost in everything
Feels like i lost what made me dream

Still watching you
Still you're on fire
Still wondering 'bout this
I'm not sure when we got wired
And I'm not sure if it's the best I've seen

Feels like I lost what I felt
Track Name: The Door
I can't be sure whatever's true
Looking up inside of you
It doesn't matter what you say
Words won't help to get away
So i slide back down you're close at hand
Sometimes I wonder where you stand

These irritating ways are long
I wonder why this can't be wrong
I try to follow deep inside
I'm all alone without a light

I know you feel like hiding away
Sitting down just rest today
I can't follow you inside
Behind the door is where you hide
I know you never will come out
I know I never will get in

Feel alright
Out of sight

These irritating ways are long
I wonder why this can't be wrong
I try to follow deep inside
I'm all alone without a light again

Turn... oooh...
Track Name: Cort
Where are my eyes
Where is my head

I'd better go to bed
I wish i could sleep instead

Any moment I believe
Is strategy
It's the only way I feel
That comforts me
If it gets too close to me
Then that's been done
It's as simple as can be
For anyone

I'm lost in celebration
I'm lost in celebration and
I'm not the only one
I'm not the only one

Is what's been said
We'd better go ahead
Track Name: Untiteled Sequence
Sitting on chairs
Side by side
Like we always do
Close but so far apart
And I wonder why
How do we get by

And I feel
It's the shadows of the past
All the things that we thought would last
I know the words but I just can't say them
And I feel
It's the things that I didn't do
All the things that I wished from you
Built this wall now we can't get through

Turning to you
Look into your eyes
There's nothing to see
And nothing is no big surprise
Will we ever get wise

Wake up from this dream
Is all that I wish we could do
Climb up the wall
Kick down the door
But we just can't do

And I feel
It's the things that I didn't do
All the things that I wish to stop
Do I think we should just give up?
Track Name: Gun
You run from me
I run from you
It's no big deal
That's what we do
Are you shooting me
Am I shooting you
Is it up to me
Is it up to you

No need to spend
Time thinking of
What this disease
Is all about
You've made me laugh
I've made you proud
But now that's gone
The bullet's out

Smash my brain
I'll do the same
Shoot and fill
The hole

There's no complaint
And no excuse
Cause we don't need
No side to choose
What's in your hands
What's on my mind
Will soon be gone
And left behind
Track Name: The JC Effect
This catchet me
By surprise
When I just had
Closed my eyes
When I'd wished
I could sleep
And no more sound
Was inside my head

I won't give in
You let this begin
For now I'm awake
For as long as this might take