by Ein Astronaut

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Dylan Leman
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Dylan Leman This gives me lots of nostalgia. Love the Xylophone throughout this work, and the spacey feel. Favorite track: Spiders.
Erases Eraser
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Erases Eraser Ein Astronaut's technical music ability is stunning. His songs are delicate post-rock lullabies, with subtle electronics and dreary textures. Atmospheres are applied thoughtfully and they make the music pop. Favorite track: Spiders.
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released February 29, 2012

All songs written, performed, recorded and produced by Ein Astronaut
Additional guitar on „Birdcage“ performed by MysteryGuitarMan
Additional Rythm on „Birdcage“ performed by Itsrushsmith
Additional organ on „Birdcage“ performed by Ijustine
Additional sphere sounds on „Birdcage“ performed by Faireset
Additional vocals on „Birdcage“ and „Lullaby my my“ performed by DxDutch
Lyrics on „Cody“ written by Cody Weber

Layout by Marlene Hoffmann –

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Thank you: Marlene, Carl & the rest of my family, Cody Weber,
Copyright (C) 2012 SpaceWasteRecords, all rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Ein Astronaut Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: Be Again
You couldn't change the world we're falling in
If only I was half as true
As I'm pretending to be
I've had it just a second ago
A hole in my pocket
A hole in my heart

Everything I say's a lie
Anything I do is not
What I feel you think I am
Is everything I'll never be again

I still recall what it felt like to feel
Now this memory is
All that I hang on to
Track Name: Come On, Say
looking at those lips that speak
they always pulled me into sleep
what happened to this place to be
it always used to comfort me

anything that i could do
would always pull me back to you
and if the sun broke through the rain
the light would make us go insane

when everything came up today
i felt like it was months away
there are people living in our house
not sure if they have been de-loused

hey! come on, say!
Track Name: Head Spinning
I won't get up today
The days are much too long
And in my head
My thoughts beat like a drum
I'm lost, I'm lost
In endless nothing

Well that's the state we're all in
Why should it end where it begins
All we can focus on is now
Better stop wasting it somehow

Oh well
So that's the case
But what did I expect
An endless dream
Without any regrets
I'm on my own
We're all together now
My mind is blown
By all this beauty
It is all around
And all my senses
Suck it up without
Any defences

And the world keeps spinning
In an endless cloud
With us tiny fellows
Dancing on it's ground
Track Name: What People
All the people - where do they go?
On the motorway, just two steps away
What are they thinking? Why are they here?
On the streets and on the bus
On trains or boats they're one of us

Sometimes they turn around
And suddenly start to laugh
Is this their workaround
To not wonder what's going on?

My thoughts are like bubbles in a glass of water
Too many
And I can't keep them

I wonder about
All those lifes
All those stories
All those tears
I wonder about
Every smile
Every tear
And all this fear
Track Name: Next Up
Don't lose your way
That children's play
Don't fall away from me

I'm inside out
NextUp no doubt
No hide away... anymore

Come out let's sway
Our say our way
'Cause you're my heart

Don't fall away from me
No hide away... anymore
Track Name: Birdcage
We can't even bother...

We're here together
And right below
We'll catch another one

We can't even bother to live in another
Get outa here
And don't be slow
To get the answers clear
because you know
Where it all belongs
Where it all...

Can you count on me?
Can I count on you?
Track Name: All We Need
Seen from a place where we almost reach the sky
We always forget that we're high
Walking through spaces but never wondering why
Thoughts dripping fast on my mind

We feel like we're wasted and never getting by
Grey dust is what we leave behind

We're complicated

Always pretend that we never need a hand
We're complicated

The faster we're running the harder's the next bend
We're complicated
All we need is love
Track Name: Cody
Every time I watch the sun rise, and it happens a lot lately, I fear that I'll never sleep again. I read this story once about a woman that woke up one morning and never slept again for the rest of her life. After eleven or twelve days, her spirit was but a shadow of its former self. She was delusional and started hallucinating. The woman, whose name I can never remember for the life of me, went mute and couldn't move away from the chair she was sitting in. She died still sitting in it. I always think about that story for some reason. How does the slow dissent toward nothing feel? What's it like to keep your body but lose your soul in the process? How does it feel to waltz around sanity and fall off it's edge?

I think I might be finding out.
Track Name: Autumn Moon
What are you running from?
What are you running from?
Is it because I didn't clean my room
Or I always fall asleep too soon
Now the walls reflecting all my worries
They couldn't even tell our stories
I thought we'd always be like one
But now this colortheme is gone

What am I running from?
What am I running from?
Is it because you always cared too much
And knew my needs and thoughts and stuff
Now my fears reflecting all my worries
They couldn't even tell our stories
It ended in the stars above
I'm unfortunately not tall enough
To reach

What are we running from?
What are we running from?
Track Name: B-Side
Last night
When I woke up
I had this feeling
It was about time
And I knew
I couldn't go
When I
Stumbled upon your right shoe

When I lay
On the floor
I remembered
That it all
Wouldn't have happened
If I just
Had turned on the light before
Track Name: Spiders
To catch the falling leaves
All in red and yellow
Sailing as we speak
Floating through the sunset
On your window sill
One by one

All is in tune
And i won't think it over
You can't rewind your heart

It blurs
Dripping under water
As i fall asleep
Why would you care
Track Name: Lullaby My My
I'm awake again
It's winter
White falls from the sky
Ice flowers on my window
Lights of cars passing by

While time hides under cover
We're waiting for each other

Did I just hear a noise?
There's nothing
Silent phone on a shelf
If I knew that you would
Get my message
I would send it today

I'm awake again
It's winter
And i still wonder why
I don't just put on my jacket
And stop wasting time
Track Name: We Quit
I'm free to go
Which portion do I know
The amount of right or wrong
And to which one I belong
When we quit

It comes and goes
Feel free to tip my toes
When I'm here

Call my name
I'm arrested in your flame
But we quit